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So you would have: Good day, Sir I tried to changed the textbox name to "txt Targted" and Yes, the Column Count is 3.Private Sub cbo Properties_After Update() Targeted = Properties. Private Sub Properties_After Update() Targeted = Me. Column(2) End Sub All those 2 codes were not working.With Combo Boxes/List Boxes, we often do this where we'll open the recordset and populate a variant variable and then set the Row Source of the Combo Box/List Box to that variant having the Row Source Type already set as a Value List but we do this on loading the form or after another Combo Box is set to a certain value. That may work, but I'm a little skittish about using a variant as the data source seeing as how the listbox may get quite lengthy.The problem is if there is a large dataset populating the variant variable which will cut off after XXX number of rows added as their is a limitation on how much information you can populate the variant variable with. Just for fun, I added a button on the form that's executing the same proc that's being executed in the Main form's Activate event (that's 50/50) & it refreshes perfectly from there.Thanks It sounds to me like a refresh or setting the Row Source at the right time problem but the question is when and how to do it.

I was wondering if there was something I'm missing with the main form being unbound?

I've tried to add the After Update on the Properties field to say Me. Thank you Column(0): [combo].[ID] Column(1): combo.[Property] Column(2): [combo].[Amount] *Note: The index started counting with 0 not 1. I would assume that the first column width is zero (0").

Would you please give more detail about what happens?

I'm at a loss because I've tried repainting, refreshing, requerying, etc. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated........ Repaint Object ac Form, "Enr Main" End Sub Thanks No luck with that.

Thanks, bmartinboth - here's my code that executes in the main form activate event: Public Sub Enr Main_Reset Controls() Enr List. Row Source = "SELECT Empname FROM Employees WHERE Employee Group ID = " & Frm_EM_Group ID & "" Enr List. I wouldn't think I would need to use Repaint Object at all.

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