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Important: You cannot have more than one TXT record for SPF for a domain.If your domain has more than one SPF record, you'll get email errors, as well as delivery and spam classification issues.When Office 365 finds the correct TXT record, your domain is verified.Note: Typically it takes about 15 minutes for DNS changes to take effect.

If Go Daddy is your DNS hosting provider, follow the steps in this article to verify your domain and set up DNS records for email, Skype for Business Online, and so on. Note: Typically it takes about 15 minutes for DNS changes to take effect.

Your ability to log in to your account at your domain registrar and create the DNS record proves to Office 365 that you own the domain.

Now that you've added the record at your domain registrar's site, you'll go back to Office 365 and request Office 365 to look for the record.

To get a better understanding how MX records work, here's some homework for you to go over.

Can't seem to find an answer to this question on AWS' forum, not in the Route53 manual, nor on Stackoverflow/Serverfault in a way that makes sense..Go Daddy's support sure as heck ain't got an answer: How do I set an MX record in Route53 for a Go Daddy domain? The only form field requiring any input is the "Value" section..which you'd put Go Daddy's e-mail host names and their numeric priority.

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