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They run Paddy's Pub, a struggling South Philadelphia Irish-themed dive bar. Mac is the wanna-be bruiser forever stuck in adolescence. In the second season, Danny De Vito joins the cast as Dennis and Dee's neglectful father Frank, a shady businessman who is drawn to the gang's depraved lifestyle. He appears under the name, "The Talibum", during which he hits Dee in the face with a chair and blows sand into both Dennis and Charlie's eyes.Frank then hits him with a trashcan and, by doing so, slashes his throat, the effects of which later being audibly evident in his later appearances.He was able to easily evade Dennis and Mac when they were attempting to manhunt him, even after his legs were broken by the mob and had healed.

Cricket wore humiliating giant leg braces while he was in high school with the Gang, hence his a critically-acclaimed sitcom that began in 2005; airing on FX for the first eight seasons and FXX since season nine. Reruns have aired on Comedy Central, MTV2 and Viceland, while the entire series is available for streaming on Netflix (in the US, Ireland, and the UK) and Hulu (Also in the US). Frank asked Rickety to appear as a guest on Dennis and Dee's podcast, being promised a rotisserie chicken but accepts a bag of lemons instead.He tells about his life as a homeless person, and how stray dogs are trying to have sex with the hole in his neck (as a result of the injury he received in "The Gang Wrestles for the Troops") He states that he doesn't believe in God anymore, "not since that Chinaman stole my kidney." He also states that he is "over" Dee, "since I found out you are a whore", and he further insults her with Frank's encouragement.

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