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Raised by his parents Elizabeth Floyd ad Chad Grier, he was their second oldest son among their three children. His older brother is a footballer and is a quarterback for the West Virginia Mountaineers, and his younger brother Hayes Grier is also a Viner.

He has also appeared in the TV series- The Deleted and also in the music video of Work for it by Poo Bear.

After completing his primary level education, he joined the online schooling to complete his high school education. Th tour included other famed internet celebrities like- Jack Johnson, Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, Jacob Whitesides, Carter Re Mahogany Lox as well as his br0ther Hayes Grier.

After his rise to fame, he got the chance to join the touring group Magcon, a convention where the fan members gather to meet the internet personalities. After touring for a year with Magcon, along with a few other members quit the tour group, to pursue other goals for their future.

He also got the chance to direct the music video for the song- I look Good On You by Bera.

After Vine, he then opened his Youtube account and uploaded his videos there on a regular basis.

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Their love life can be seen in their social media accounts, and until now it seems that they are quite a happy couple. Nash Grier being an internet sensation from both his Vines and Youtube videos has a huge number of followers.

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