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It is not itself a style and lacks the specificity to describe any one beer. Strong fruity esters and alcohol aromatics are present but not clawing.The term can be used to describe beers like Imperial IPAs, Russian Imperial Stouts or Belgian Quads, but in practice, the term is used as the general category for Old Ales/Stock Ales and Barley Wines. Aged versions may have a sherry-like quality, possibly vinous or port-like aromatics.We also have the sole UK distribution rights for Bohemia Regent Premium Lager from the Czech Republic.

We're aging more than 200 kegs in our cellar right now. Imperial IPA could fit into this style except for the fact that they are defined by an extreme hoppiness.Bass introduced the first commercially produced Barley Wine in 1854.The Great Wine Blight struck France around 1858, destroying most of the market and sending the price of wine through the roof.These factors led advertisers to begin marketing the pale Strong Ale as “malt wine” and “malt liquor.” The style was a mainstay of British brewers until the Free Mash Tun Act of 1880 put higher tax pressure on barley wine producers.This did not stop production or demand—Barley Wines were brewed more selectively.

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