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And the graph does not mean there is no such thing as global warming. And yes, the start-date for the Pause has been inching forward, though just a little more slowly than the end-date, which is why the Pause continues on average to lengthen.

The start date is not cherry-picked: it is calculated.From next month on, the Pause will probably shorten dramatically and may disappear altogether for a time.However, if there is a following la Niña, as there often is, the Pause may return at some time from the end of next year onward.On the questioners’ side it is rational: on the believers’ side it is a matter of increasingly blind faith.The New Superstition is no Technical note Our latest topical graph shows the least-squares linear-regression trend on the RSS satellite monthly global mean lower-troposphere dataset for as far back as it is possible to go and still find a zero trend.

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Now, almost three years later, the Pause is almost three years longer.

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