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Fears are growing over the safety of an elderly man who police believe fell into a swollen river in Cumbria, and the weather has already claimed the life of a 90-year-old man in London.

An Associated British Ports (ABP) spokesperson said: "We can confirm that a collision occurred between two vessels at 8.40pm on Thursday evening in the Humber Estuary.The Hawick Flood Group - set up in the wake of previous floods in the town - thanked volunteers for their work during the bad weather and urged people to support the creation of a new flood prevention scheme which would raise a number of bridges and create upstream reservoirs to store flood water.Posting on Facebook, the group said: "Thank you for all the kind words for all of our volunteers.Peter Brown who had to leave his flooded house in Carlisle the early hours of Sunday morning with his daughter, Rebecca, 15 said: "We got a knock on the door at 5.45am saying we will have to evacuate the premises.“I literally grabbed a few things, put valuables upstairs. My living room and staircase is now under water.” In Keswick, new £6 million flood defences built to withstand 2009 highs of 15.2 feet were overwhelmed when the River Greta surged to 17.4 feet.

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