Tips for dating a rockstar

This training has a straightforward premise – it’s all about securing her attraction to you, be it when texting her after an initial hook-up or getting her all fired up and hot for you on Tinder.

Rockstar Attraction does not seek or promise much more than that.

I grew up in Ljubljana’s 90s rebirth of the punk rock scene.

For me, the best time was Friday night, visiting my friends in band rehearsal, take a bottle of wine, sit in the darkest corner, and immerse into the music.

Whatever You’re Shtick is, Paint, Draw, Sculpt “You need a basic discipline.

I always say that I’m a painter and I’ll never cease to be a painter. Which doesn’t mean that I’m thinking about a performance and applying knowledge gained from painting.

I was always fantasizing about the force of music and the feeling of being on the stage.” There’s a reason “performance” is used for musicians and a certain type of artist.

The one who thrives on an audience, who wishes to be in the midst of the art experience, not lurking in the shadows while others engage.

It’s okay to go and see what’s happening, but don’t get confused, don’t get the idea that this is how to make it, because this is already an old method.It’s more automatic that you do this with your own generation, but I try to reach out to other generations, ask questions of older, more experienced artists and pass information to younger ones when I’m teaching.” 7.You Need Something to Sell to Make a Living as an Artist Concepts and performances are all well and good, but to make a proper living, and become the object of desire for collectors, you need something to sell.Everything that happens in-between, all the phases, staying there, endurance, not cheating yourself, how easy it is to lose something you’ve just accomplished…it’s the same discipline for me, regardless of the project. This is how I teach, in a very active, painterly class.” 3. You come up with a gag, a trick, you label it as a new something, maybe you’re lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time, and that can play for a while.New and Shocking Isn’t Enough, There Must Be Some Art to It “I always fought against this idea that you need to be new, you need to invent something. But from my understanding of art, you’re thrown into a certain era, you need to see what was done, understand the layers, take the tools, use them and then try to apply a new layer of knowledge.

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I spoke to JAŠA in his Ljubljana studio, just before his trip to London for the second of his Frieze events this year, which will be titled .

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