Elucidating the structure of dna

L’elenco dei progetti disponibili e della loro afferenza è reperibile nella pagina Laboratori e Progetti di ciascun Curriculum.

Nel caso di preferenza nei confronti di una borsa SR-TIGET, il candidato dovrà indicare, durante la compilazione del modulo elettronico per la sottomissione della domanda di ammissione, i progetti d’interesse, da uno solo a tutti, tra quelli proposti.

End of day 1, get together event with the students at the “Faculty Club”. POVs The Business Planner (Marija Zecevic, Proteostasis, Milano) The Bioentrepreneur (Pierluigi Paracchi, Genenta Science, Milano) Coffee break The Biotech (Claudio Bordignon, Mol Med Spa, Milano) The Big Pharma (Pablo Umana to be confirmed, Roche-Glycart, Zurich) Lunch (speakers only) From 14,30 to 17,30: selected case studies presented and discussed by the speakers within small groups.

June, 2017 14.00 Carlo Tacchetti – SRSI Experimental Imaging Center: rationale and organization 14.20 Antonio Esposito – MRI 14.40 Spinelli Antonello – Optical Imaging 15.00 Massimo Venturini – Ultrasonography 15.20 Gianpaolo Zerbini – Small Rodent eye’s imaging 15.40 Rosamaria Moresco – PET/SPECT based translational molecular imaging 16.00 COFFE’ BREAK 16.20 Linda Chaabane – Novel MRI methods for p H and cellular imaging 16.35 Antonello Spinelli – Small animal image-guided radiotherapy systems 16.50 Laura Perani – Echocardiography in mice 17.05 Palmisano Anna – Multiparametric MRI of skeletal muscles in mice 17.20 Flavio Curnis – Assessment of tumor microvessels: the contribute of In-vivo imaging 17.35 Antonella Castellano – Multiparametric MRI in pdx models of gioblastoma.

However, it isn’t easy to communicate fluently and elegantly when the language you have to use is not your own.The course will be organized in 1-hr lectures (45’ plus question time) from the different figures involved in the process, with the idea of having a variety of point-of-views (POVs) on the subject.Course Structure The lectures will be delivered in the mornings, while the afternoons will be devoted to interactive activities between students and lecturers. POVs: The Scientist (Attilio Bondanza, Uni SR) The Technology Transfer Officer (Paola Pozzi, OSR) Coffee break The Patent Attorney (Simon O’Brien, D&Young IP, London) The Lawyer (Valentina Bonomo, Studio Lombardi, Molinari e Segni, Milano) Lunch (speakers only) From 14,30 to 17,30: selected case studies presented and discussed by the speakers within small groups 18,00.IT lab sessions will focus on effective slide creation.The main part of the course will be dedicated to student group and individual oral presentations where the theoretical skills previously examined will be put into practice.

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