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Those who talk about the caste system are perpetuating it, inciting and provocating it, this issue should not be discussed in social sphere.

This system can be eradicated through education and education can be an effective tool in improving the social harmony....

Hindu philosophy and religion with customs and traditions are connected to the caste system as being deeply rooted in the society of India.

Each caste has set customs, traditional practices and rituals but also have it’s own informal procedures and rules as applicable....

[tags: The Caste System] - The caste system in India is elaborately structured to have an Indian touch to it, clearly distinguishing it from social structures worldwide.

[tags: Religion, Culture, Society] - In every civilization there exists a hierarchy that is accepted by the people that are a part of it.

This hierarchy, which is present in all societies, is called a class system and usually includes an upper class, a middle class, and a lower class.

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