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"It's the sort of thing where everybody's pointing the finger at everybody else, and everybody's in the wrong," Mc Fadden said.

On Monday, Hammond said she made an announcement to the students "reminding them of technology and school rules in terms of them being responsible for any material they bring on campus." This year the high school employed the new cellphone policy, which allows students to use their phones and other electronic devices between classes and during lunch.

At slaughterhouses, cows killed for leather may be skinned and dismembered.

A recent PETA exposé of the world’s largest leather processor that has supplied retailers like H&M, Coach, J.

GRAND BLANC, Michigan -- After getting the freedom to use their cellphones in school earlier this year, some Grand Blanc High School students are facing tough penalties for improper use and may find themselves in court after a picture of a partially nude student was spread throughout the school via cellphone.

Principal Jennifer Hammond said they became aware of the situation after a parent informed them, and that the picture started being shared about two to three weeks ago. Robert Mc Fadden, liaison officer for the school, said students told him that a freshman girl had taken a picture of herself topless and sent it via cellphone to her boyfriend.

Mc Fadden is working on a report that will be forwarded to the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office for review.

If you had a different image it may work,” and “It [is] due to the skin being ripped off the woman.” But the ad’s image is no more graphic than the reality.

Crew, Nine West, Adidas, and countless others also showed workers branding calves on the face and electroshocking and beating cows and bulls.

D∆WN is part of a growing list of celebrities—including Alicia Silverstone, Jhené Aiko, Eva Mendes, P! Henson, and Penélope Cruz—who have bared it all to help PETA save animals and promote kinder wardrobe choices.

School officials then looked into the suspects' cellphones to confirm whether or not they had the pictures, and if they had sent them.

"I don't know if kids realize how inappropriate and demeaning it can be," Hammond said.

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