Twin cities dating scene

It's an unstated fact that every guy who meets a girl takes between 10 seconds and 10 minutes of that first interaction and assesses both questions to himself. And when I say that I don't mean women who go out, do well in school, get jobs and make their own money.

Mostly all guys would sleep with a girl they talk to within 20 minutes of conversation during first meeting. That's what guys like, no one would complain about a successful woman.

In the days of incurable sex diseases and rookies, women (and men, too) must use common sense and wit to keep safe, but it has now parlayed to a fear of nearly all personal contact outside of a platonic level. Men do it way less than in previous generations because it gives off this "creepy" factor, even though, as I said earlier, all men are creepy in this sense.I then ask them what is the criteria for being creepy and the general consensus is when a guy hits on them.I usually reply back with "what an assholes of him! It's well known that people never want to hear the truth (truth hurts, you can't handle the truth, act...,).I was sheltered slightly in my younger years for safety sake, but was always taught how to deal with the situations of life that will come up down the road.Case in point, childhood wasn't riding horses in the country or playing in the park.

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I don't think most women realize all men are "creepy" by their standards.

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