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Paul had a few things to say about it seventeen centuries before); now we see that promiscuity (especially of teens) rather frequently leads to serious psychological problems, including suicide.And how can any reasonable person presume that a young person involved in (perhaps) hundreds of “hook-ups” (often beginning in the “tweens”) is an apt candidate for a stable, permanent and exclusive commitment in marriage?For a number of years, I was a rather frequent guest on the Larry King Show when King needed someone to provide “balance” for one of his many unbalanced anti-Catholic guests (not a few of whom were Catholic). • Artificial birth control, according to the “prophecies” of Pope Paul VI would bring in its wake an increase in fornication and adultery, treatment of women as objects, and the lead-up to abortion; no one can deny that this has all happened in spades.• The Church’s condemnation of fornication was sneered at as the last remnant of Victorian prudishness (although St.

News of the alleged assaults emerged amid global headlines about 121 sexual assaults in the German city of Cologne on New Year's Eve.

One of the many bons mots of Archbishop Fulton Sheen was: “What the Church gives up the world takes up.” By that he meant the Church often (all too often) fails to appreciate the value of her patrimony, foregoes it under pressure to conform to the world, only to discover that “the world” has picked up on the discarded treasure.

To be sure, there were some Jansenists in the pre-conciliar Church – and yes, particularly among the Irish clergy – but I must say that was not my experience of Catholic moral theology in the 1950s and 1960s.

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