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Among our most popular demographics are: gay Christian singles, gay Jewish singles, Black lesbian singles, and senior lesbians.

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I introduced my first love to my parents as my “friend”.

My mom took to her very quickly but things unfortunately change once she found out she was my lover.

It’s better to rip the band aid off if you think the situation is a tricky one with friends and loved ones. Note that there’s a difference between respecting the wishes of someone you’re building a future with like Robin Roberts respecting her partner’s wishes for privacy in those early stages of their relationship than the total noncommittal person who solely wants to hook up.

In those early years you make mistakes but that’s o.k, you live and you learn.

Things went from a text here and there, then eventually dinner dates, hanging out with my friends, fun concerts together, then the inevitable sleepover.

I really liked this woman and it was evident she enjoyed my company as well but as time went on it was obvious that I wasn’t the only woman she was spending time with. She didn’t do not a thing wrong since everyone has different rules to dating so it’s best to have clear boundaries and fully express what you both expect from each other. Don’t introduce a partner or girlfriend as a friend.

Even so, I still believe it’s best you direct your romantic feelings toward other lesbians or dare I say a bisexual and save yourself the grief. The people you meet at the club are just that, people at the club.

Dance your butt off, booze it up, and have a good time. I’m not saying don’t merge once you’ve solidified a strong relationship but do so at a decent rate.

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