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For most people, telling their children is the right thing to do. Your kids have been perfecting the 'why' questions since they were 2 years old; this is a moment when there will be a lot of whys and hows.Your doctor or counselor might have ideas about groups or advocates for children, who can also talk to the kids or be a support team for you and the offspring as you go through the coming-out process.Many previous cruisers admit they learned more about HIV in the week on board than they had all year with their physician.There are also retreats, like the International Poz Brotherhood Retreat (Poz for gay and bisexual HIV-positive men, held annually in Pennsylvania's Poconos Mountains.Hzone for HIV singles " data-medium-file=" w=220&h=220" data-large-file=" w=497" class="alignleft wp-image-134" src=" w=220&h=220" alt="Hzone for HIV singles" width="220" height="220" srcset="

This year the Poz Cruise will sail from Miami, Fla., to Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras Nov. Like many cruises, it will feature snorkeling and suntanning, but this cruise is also packed with guest speakers, from scientists to entertainers, talking about HIV.It tells us very little about the rewards, the discovery of inner strengths, the emotional ties, the opportunities for developing better communication skills, or the joy generated when a mixed-status couple does create a happy, strong, fulfilling relationship." What you need to know if you're a mixed couple is that you can have a happy and healthy relationship, but, like all relationships, it requires work and commitment, because love does not conquer all.The HIV-negative partner may want talk to his or her physician about pre-exposure prophylaxis, or Pr EP; research has shown that the anti-HIV drug Truvada reduces the risk of HIV infection in the negative partners of HIV-positive gay men.While health experts warn that Pr EP should never be the first line of defense against HIV infection, instead recommending regular condom use, many experts recognize that condoms are rarely utilized 100 percent of the time in a relationship.Also, many HIV activists now say that when the HIV-positive partner has an undetectable viral load (which happens with early and consistent medication treatment) the likelihood of transmitting the virus to a partner is significantly reduced or eliminated.

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