Error updating locale 7941

This could even become a FAQ if done clearly enough (or maybe there is one already??? You can try setting up CM to auto register the phone.

The should be a setting in CCMAdmin/Server/CM Group or something along those lines.

I have also created similar rules for the stop/start media ports . If I have a look at the Status Messages I can still see "DNS Unknown Host" and "Error Updating Locale".

The phone now boots straight to "Your current options". Other than 5060-504-16399 are there any other ports that need to be forwarded to the phone?

If that works, you can make changes to CSS (calling search space), DP (device pools) and Partition.

Also if you look at the link at the end of the thread Aalex guided you to you will be able to download my config file.

some of it is a bit different to yours Currently using net – Internode's NTP server.

As these cisco phones are touchy, it may be the actual service provider.

I have mine working with My Net Fone and i still cant manage to get Faktortel to work try turning DHCP off and also try setting the IP address of the phone to a static IP in the router.

Search for error updating locale 7941:

error updating locale 7941-17error updating locale 7941-83

I originally put all the ISP DNS servers in there however having a look at it now it seems to have just kept the router DNS change this to 16399 Try forwarding ports 50 in the router as well I havent set up a 7911 only a 7975.

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